SEO services

SEO services that get more eyes on you.

We’ll play the SEO games, but brand integrity comes first.


Ranking on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing doesn’t happen by accident. It takes an intentional search engine optimization strategy to appear there. However, increased organic traffic doesn’t always mean more opportunities to serve. Discover how B.Human’s SEO services are designed to help you appear higher on search engines, and serve more of your clients and customers.

How we do things

This is how we do things

start with your website

We’re going to see how your website is already performing. With a Technical SEO Audit, we’re going to find out what is preventing your website from ranking before we do anything with it.

  • Find broken links and pages that are preventing search engines from indexing your website

  • Perform a basic keyword research report to see how many keywords you are already ranking organically for

  • Discover any other issues that may be hurting your search engine rankings

create a plan

Once we know what is going on in the backend, we’re going to create an SEO Strategy that will improve your website and design a strategy to increase organic traffic.

  • Begin with Technical SEO and fix the issues we discovered in the first step.

  • Discuss your brand and who you serve so we can create a plan that serves your ideal clients.

  • Create an editorial calendar that will focus on new keywords and topics while maintaining brand integrity

just do the dang thing

Enough talk – time for action. Whatever course of action we’ve landed on, we’re going to do it. Whether that comes in the form of content writing or improving local listings, we’re starting.

  • Write content that is intended to reach more humans and rank your website higher on search engines.

  • Run monthly SEO audits to make sure your website is staying healthy.

  • Rank higher in search engines

talk to more humans

If you and I have done our jobs right, SEO with brand integrity will mean more people to talk to.

  • We will analyze your SEO results and compare them to your goals.

  • Adjust your SEO strategy if needed

  • Keep going!

I know the organic search traffic is coming as well, and have already seen it from the number of clicks we are getting through Google more regularly now. I love the fact that it is better serving the people we have now, I can’t even wait to see where we are at in the next 5 months. I’m so grateful we found you to be on this journey with us, I don’t think anyone else would have taken the same care to find our heart in this and put it into what they were doing. The heart is the most important thing to me.

Nathan Chapman, Nathan and Zoey Photography