brand strategy services

Curating strong, effective brands

How your brand is perceived matters more than anything else in business – we can help you curate how others see your business.

curate perception

brand strategy is curating how others perceive you




A brand strategy is a marketing strategy that has the sole purpose of putting into words and visual form how your brand will be presented to the market. How it’s perceived is another thing – but perception is everything.

Effective branding strategies know that they are only as effective as they are perceived. If you miss the mark, then you need to pivot.

We develop brands by starting with your values, identifying where your people are, and develop your unique voice.

What's included

  • unique logo
  • logo variations
  • brand value proposition
  • brand positioning
  • target audience
  • archetype
  • tone of voice
  • style guide

how we do things

let's get to know you

In our first week, we’re going to onboard you as our client. During this process, we’re going to work to understand you as a brand, your voice, and identify your goals with a brand interview.

make the mood

After we learn more about you, we’re going to design a mood board that matches the perception we want to create.

create identity

Once we’ve determined the mood and aesthetic, we’ll design a logo identity that aligns with your voice and the people you want to reach.

create consistency

Finally, in week 4, we’re going to package this all together in a brand guide to help you maintain consistency in the brand you are curating.

why businesses need a brand strategy

Growing a business without a brand strategy is like playing spaghetti – just throwing things against the wall and finding out what sticks.

Imagine this – a 40 year old brand has developed itself as “the rugged brand for the hard working man.” Then, one day out of left field, it introduces an influencer who is nothing what the brand stands for.

Does this protect the integrity of the brand? Absolutely not – instead, it betrays the audience it spent years growing trust with. And the result? A massive, negative hit on sales and brand advocacy.

A strong brand develops trust – but it is also built on a house of cards.

Brand strategy helps mitigate that risk.

curate a brand – don’t create

Say it with me.

“I do not own my brand – everyone else does.”

We’ve adopted the mindset that a brand cannot be owned by the organization or business, but it can be curated.

Everything you say, believe, and do has an impact on the brand you curate. Here are a few examples:

A brand that promises to make its patients feel rested and at ease will not use stark, high contrasted colors. Why? Well, high contrast colors – such as red and pink – invoke anxiety or urgency. Instead, it would utilize subdued colors.

Another brand that wants to be seen as bold and confident would use lines that are thick and bold – rather than thin and luxurious.

brand strategy services

B.Human is a branding agency based in Little Rock, but we’re digital…so we’re everywhere.

Our brand strategy services are focused on one thing – developing human brands. We’re not trying to play the game of bots and algorithms – we’re just out to connect people with people.

Our process is simple: We discover what’s important to you, determine who your people are, develop an identity and voice for you, and package it all together in a brand guide to keep you on track.

Essentially, we help you stay human while in a digital world.

brand strategy that gets to the heart

you don't own your brand - everyone else does

Define Your Values

The best brands stand for something. For some, it's inclusivity. Others are exclusive. Some care for the environment, while others stand for traditional manufacturing. Your values are the core of the brand you curate - define them to guide your brand strategy.

Develop Your Archetype

What you say matters. How you say it matters more. You will have the best results communicating your message by speaking the same language. We do this by understanding your archetype.

Unique Logo & Variations

A logo is the first sign of identity in a brand strategy. It's how humans will recognize you quickly. Not just anything goes - your brand identity must align with the brand you are curating, or it will all fall apart.

Curate Consistency

A brand is fragile - a single misstep away from your brand values and identity can break any brand, no matter how old it is. With a brand guide, you and your organization will have a map to protect your brand's perception.

brand strategy services

Become human

let's create a human-first brand strategy.

B.Human is a Little Rock branding agency that curates brands for humans – not bots. We use digital marketing tactics to connect with people, while remaining human.
While we’re based in Little Rock, we help our clients all over the United States.