Little Rock Creative Marketing Agency

making marketing human

We don’t view marketing through the lens of metrics and numbers. It’s done by connecting with other humans.
Our belief

humans are magic

humans are creative

humans are daring

humans are bold

humans are human

Marketing agencies have it all wrong. Large corporations have traded the human experience for automation, bots, and assigned a number to each and every one of us.

It’s time for that to change.

B.Human is a creative “agency” that is making marketing about the human experience again. We are problem solvers – not productized services held by corporate policy or “out of scope” constraints.

what we do

brand strategy

Brands needs a strategy to remain human. Otherwise, no brand will be developed or it will become another corporate face. We guide brands to be human with strategies like this one.

web design

Every brand needs a home on the internet. But the wrong design will not feel like home. By aligning brand strategy with web design, we make sure your brand is consistent online.

content writing

In a world of a million photos a second, a thousand words is worth a thousand words. But the words you say matter – we write content for our brands in their intended voice for brand clarity and SEO.

creative content

Graphic design, videography, photography. These are the elements that live on your website, in the streets,  on social media, and wherever you are seen. This is your visual identity.

social media

No, we’re not just posting and reporting the vanity metrics. We’re engaging in conversation, developing relationships, and showing up in ways that put “social” back in social media.

build relationships

Email can be human – what is not human is emailing everyone you know. Contact forms are important to connect humans together, but only in authentic ways. Think of B.Human as a wingman.

experience what it's like to be human