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Taking a human approach to marketing and curating brands that make an impact.

humans are magic

humans are creative

humans are daring

humans are bold

who we are




Organizations are not made of numbers – they’re made of humans. We suffer pain and we bask in pleasure. Each of us has a desire to do better. We believe we have purpose – whether we have found it or are on the journey to finding it. We are problem solvers. Our people and our customers are not numbers – we invite our clients and teams to the table and desire collaboration.


It’s not just a partnership. It’s a relationship.

who we work best with

Curator. Creative. Human. Regardless if you are a personal brand or small to medium sized business, if you are looking to be more human and connect with other humans, then we’re going to be a great fit for each other.

industries we work with

Health and Wellness • Photography •  Construction • Transportation • Automotive

Hospitality • Art • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) • Non-Profit • Food

what we do

digital marketing made human

In a world of algorithms and data-driven insights, we can often forget to include some of the immeasurable aspects of branding: how it makes you feel.

B.Human utilizes existing digital marketing tactics and aligns them with our “human approach” to curating a brand that focuses on connection and experience.

We don’t rely on algorithms to deliver our content – we rely on people. 

services we provide

brand strategy

Brands needs a strategy to remain human. Otherwise, no brand will be developed or it will become another corporate face. We guide brands to be human with strategies like this one.

web design

Every brand needs a home on the internet. But the wrong design will not feel like home. By aligning brand strategy with web design, we make sure your brand is consistent online.

seo + content

In a world of a million photos a second, a thousand words is worth a thousand words. But the words you say matter – we write content for our brands in their intended voice for brand clarity and SEO.

social media

No, we’re not just posting and reporting the vanity metrics. We’re engaging in conversation, developing relationships, and showing up in ways that put “social” back in social media.

brand management for wedding photographers

You want to photograph weddings without the hassle of managing your online brand. Let’s talk.

why b.human

Truth be told, the tactics we use are not that much different than that of any other agency. We write content to increase website traffic, develop website that are made to increase contacts, and share social media posts to increase your brand’s awareness. But these are just a tiny piece of the puzzle – the real magic is in relationships. That’s where our magic touch comes in – making marketing human.

It starts with understanding your customer and who they are. We’re going to discover if the brand you are curating aligns with the message they’re wanting to hear. If it is – great! If not, we’re going to dive into brand strategy to identify the missing pieces. Finally, we’re going to create a strategy and identify which tactics to use to speak to your audience – then we’ll provide you the workflows to increase your impact.

love words from our humans

about derek

Derek Couts B.Human

Hey – I’m Derek. The founder of B.Human.


Why B.Human? Well – it started with me working with other agencies and noticing a major flaw. They are all so focused on data, algorithms, and automation that they’ve forgotten the most important element…humans.


I’ve set out to take digital marketing tactics and find the human element in them.


What this looks like is completely dependent on your industry and the brand you are curating. Once you find that human element – and you make it your ethos – you make your business more human.


In a world of artificial intelligence…B.Human.