Developing Your Archetype

What you say matters. How you say it matters more. You will have the best results communicating your message by speaking the same language. We do this by understanding your archetype.

Your archetype guides the words you say and the tone of your voice and the message you speak.

Developing an Archetype

Your archetype is defined by your values and what you believe, and how you believe you will best serve your people. We can break archetypes into 12 categories.

  • The Rebel: Against the grain
  • The Magician: Believe anything is possible
  • The Hero: They’re the one to fix the problem
  • The Lover: Emphasises love and feeling
  • The Jester: There to have fun
  • The Everyman: Flexible and work with anyone
  • The Caregiver: There to care for others – empath
  • The Ruler: Takes control and in charge
  • The Creator: Always creating new things
  • The Innocent: Optimistic and Hopeful
  • The Sage: Understanding and with wisdom
  • The Explorer: Craves freedom and new things

Example of an Archetype in Motion

I remember the first time I went to school and another student told me I was too fat to ever find a boyfriend. Those words cut deep, and it took a long time to build my own strength and say, “My body does not define me.” Society tells us we have to be slim and skinny to be beautiful for photographs – instead, I’m going to help highlight their curves and help them overcome societal norms with encouragement. I am a rebellious caregiver.

Define Your Voice


Your voice is the way you say the things you do. A caregiver may use empathetic language whereas a rebel would use statements that are against the grain and confident.

words you use (and don’t)

Words you use establishes rules for you to consistently use and even train others to use when speaking of you. A luxury brand would use words like “investment” and would never use words like, “cheap” or even “discount.”


Your character is how you hold yourself. Similar to your archetype, this also guides how you do things. For instance, a jester may do flips for kids during family photos.


Your superpower is the thing you do best. The Innocent may always see the best sides of anyone, regardless of how cold they may be to others. It’s how you connect with your people.

Once you have defined your voice, you are ready to define how you serve.