Helping a Local Non-Profit Generate Over $10,000 in Donations With Email Marketing

the problem

Conway Ministry Center is a non-profit organization based in Conway, Arkansas that helps bridge the gap between people experiencing the immediate effects of poverty and homelessness, to the physical and spiritual resources available to alleviate suffering and facilitate long-term transformation. In 2023, they set out with the goal of creating the Refuge – an innovative emergency shelter that will provide housing to families and individuals in need of care. To build this, they are buying a motel and converting it into an emergency center. However, in order to start the conversion process, they first needed to put a downpayment on the motel. They turned to B.Human to help them as a part of their funding campaign.


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How we helped

We assisted Conway Ministry Center in their funding campaign by way of developing an email marketing strategy. In this campaign, we identified three target markets: those who have never donated, those who have donated between $1 and $4,999, and those who have given $5,000 and above.

After segmenting their list of 1,200 emails into these 3 groups, we loaded these emails into Mailchimp, their EMS (Email Marketing Software). From here, we were able to develop 3 automated journeys with relevant messaging and customer journeys.

For the first group of 890 recipients, our aim was to invite them to donate at least $1. We sent out a series of 5 emails, which shared the story of Conway Ministry Center, its mission and goal.

The second group of 196 recipients received a series of 3 emails thanking them for their previous gifts and requesting an additional gift or to forward the email to a friend who would be likely to give.

Finally, the last group received a single email asking for a one-to-one conversation with Spring, the director of Conway Ministry Center. This was the chosen action because these donors had a history of giving large gifts in person and with checks.

the results

Total Emails Sent: 5,039

Average Open Rate: 58%

Average Click Rate: 3.1%

Total Gifts Given from Campaign $12,000

For the first group, a total of 4,454 emails were sent with a 39% open rate and 1.5% click rate. The second group had 576 emails sent with a 63% open rate and 4.1% click rate. The final group received a 71% open rate, 3.7% click rate and 100% response rate.

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