Extreme Team Tournament

the problem

Fish N’ Stuff is located in Sherwood, Arkansas. In 2021, Jacob Perkins – the owner – reached out to me to create a website to help them increase tournament sign-ups. In the past, all sign-ups were done in person. However, after just coming out of 2020, in-store visits were still low. This meant there would be a decrease in tournament competitor sign-ups. With the first sign-ups coming up within 14 days, Fish N’ Stuff needed a website fast.


web design, web development

How we helped

When designing the website, there were three things that were top of mind:

  1. The website need to be able to track sales from the website and enroll competitors.
  2. Because of the time-constraint, clarity mattered more than creativity.
  3. The process for signing up needed to be incredibly simple

the results

After publishing the site in February 2021, within it’s first 30 days, the site received 580 page views, and closed $22,000 in gross sales. Because of the success of the website and campaign, I have continued to manage the hosting of extremeteamtournament.com. In that time – as of December 22, 2023 – it has ranked 4,416 sessions from visitors, and has closed $164,000 in gross sales. It cannot be ignored there are several things that played into the success of this campaign. The most important of those being people. Because of the brick-and-mortar setup of Fish N’ Stuff, the team there was able to speak one-on-one with their customers about the event. Essentially, most of the website visitors came because of word-of-mouth, which will forever be the strongest form of marketing. We were able to play a part in closing the gap in helping those interested in signing up.

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