Branding + Website Redesign: Alex Medvick

the problem

Alex Medvick is a wedding photographer based in Denver, Colorado. His website and brand, as it stood, had no consistency and lacked clarity. While he works with a variety of couples, his messaging was not clear. From mixed font faces, a logo identity that was not unique to him, a website design that did not match his style and what he believed, and a broken website that did not rank well for search engines, he needed something that could help couples relate to him at a human level.


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How we helped

The first issue Alex had was articulating his client. One of the core beliefs of B.Human is that you do not own your brand – in fact, a brand is not tangible. It is an idea, belief, and feeling held only by the individual. However, everything we say and do – even the things that aren’t traditionally seen as “branding” – plays a part in how your brand is perceived. To help understand the perceived brand and client Alex wanted to serve, we first started with a brand interview.

The purpose of Alex’s brand interview was to understand what he believes about his work, why he does photography, and understand how we can curate how his brand is perceived. After this, we took into consideration what we heard about him.

From his dreams of traveling across Vietnam on motorcycles, to the mountains he wishes to explore, and the ripple effect his work can have on couples and their futures.

Taking this, we were able to build out icons that represented the ripples he creates, select images that highlighted the unique couples he serves, identify his vocabulary, and even find other areas of his work that could enhance his brand. After our branding interview, he reached out to Tom Wright to help him develop a unique workflow and color for his photography to match his perceived brand.

After developing his brand guide and voice, we finally took what we understood about him to design his new website, which launched April 22, 2023.

Prior to launch, it was important that we did not lose his SEO ranking for keywords he already ranks well for. In doing so, we had to create website redirects and make duplicates of his ranking content on the new website so that SERPs would still recognize his pages and anything that did not update on the Search Console would still direct to an existing page.

the results

The day after the launch, Alex actually received his first contact on the new website. (When you read “contact” you can read “lead,” but you won’t catch us calling anyone a lead because contacts actually represent a human.) On top of that, after transferring his highest-ranking content, we were able to make transfers to reduce the number of broken links that often happen when updating designs and switching website hosts.

I just got off a call with a couple who inquired through the new site: “We reached out because your website felt so candid and casual. We could really feel your personality.” [B.Human] is rocking my world!

Alex Medvick

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