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Your website is a reflection of your brand - don't let that go to waste


Your website is a reflection of your brand. An out-of-date site means an out-of-date brand.

We love a creative website – but we love one that enhances the brand experience more. That means a beautiful design, user experience, and point of contact. In sort, our goal is to make the visitor journey simple and clear while keeping in touch with the brand you are curating.

Make your website more human with B.Human’s web design and development services.

How we do things

This is how we do things

let's get to know you

The brand you curate begins with you. So before we begin any kind of web design, we will uncover who you serve, why you serve, and how you serve together. If you already have a website, we’ll also go over what you love (and hate) about your website.

  • Discover your superpower and what makes your brand human
  • Put into words what sets you apart from your competition

curate your brand

A brand relies heavily on consistency – a brand guide will help you and your team maintain brand integrity.

  • Determine your brand logo, colors, typefaces, and personas
  • Learn to keep your business from straying off-brand

  • Create a voice and tone that reflects your brand and attracts your audience

design and develop

Using the brand guide, we’re going to design your website so it functions beautifully and stays in alignment with your brand.

  • Develop a user path for your audience
  • Design a website that works, looks, and feels like you make your people feel

  • Integrate your systems with your website

  • Set up tracking

speak with new humans

Once humans start to come to your website, either through SEO, social media, or other channels to visit your website, they’ll find consistency in your brand and message. If you don’t have a plan for getting new website visitors, we can create a marketing strategy to help you.
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