paid media services

it's like giving the refs an extra 20 to call things in your favor


Whether you are looking at PPC (pay per click) or Social Media ads – this is entering the realm of pay-to-play. This is an ideal tactic for anyone needing to make fast moves on their business.

How we do things

This is how we do things

let's get to know you

The brand you curate begins with you. So before we put any pen to paper, we will uncover who you serve, why you serve, and how you serve together.

  • Discover your superpower and what makes your brand human

  • Put into words what sets you apart from your competition

determine the goal

  • Determine where we want to send people who click your ad

  • Set clear and trackable goals for what a successful campaign looks like

  • Create the content needed

put your message to the world

  • Determine the placement of the ads, such as social media or search engines

  • Push the ad to be live

talk to humans

  • Track the effectiveness of your ads

  • Optimize ads and run monthly reports

  • Track the number of contacts generated with PPC

  • Talk to more humans

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